Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Top Eight Reasons Why You Should Watch the Super Bowl at The Sports Bar Westside!

Don’t throw a Super Bowl party - the time, expense, and mess are not worth it!  

The Sports Bar Ann Arbor – Westside will be open for the Super Bowl. Here’s why we think you should watch the big game with us:

1. You won’t have to spruce up your place, or clean up the mess afterwards.
2. We’ve got 22 TV screens.  We also have an excellent sound system so you won’t ever miss a ref’s call. 
3. You won’t have to order pizza or cook to impress your guests.  We offer one of the best burgers in Ann Arbor and a variety of appetizers and entrées to fill your belly. 
4. Your friends are cool and all…but wouldn’t it be even better to make a few new friends, or get a date?  You can still bring your friends along, maybe they’ll buy you a drink or two!
5. It’s happy hour all day Sunday with 23 oz domestics at $3.50 each and house wine at $3.25 a glass.
6. You’ll enjoy the energy from the crowd as you cheer, groan, laugh, or cry during the stupid commercials … not to mention the game!
7. We have plenty of parking and you won’t have to shovel your sidewalk or driveway!
8. When the game’s over you won’t have to kick your guests out.  You can go home and go to bed, or keep celebrating with us until closing time. 

Stop by The Sports Bar Ann Arbor – Westside to Eat Sports, Drink Sports, Watch Sports, and Talk Sports! 

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