Monday, December 16, 2013

Are you shopping for a sports lover? The Sports Bar Ann Arbor offers some suggestions!

Are you doing some last minute shopping for a sports lover on your list?
Here are a few resources you may want to check out!

The website has a variety of suggestions: sports calendars, autographed helmets, personalized art, or bobbleheads, and capsules that hold dirt from all 30 ballparks in the big leagues! 

If your sports lover digs unique items, the company Uncommon Goods is a great choice.  Their offerings include: a ticket stub diary, cufflinks made from stadium seats, BBQ tools that look like hockey sticks, and much more.  

If the sports lover on your list enjoys reading and movies, Amazon has their suggestions too!  You gotta love that Amazon!

Of course, we’re partial to The Sports Bar Westside logo hoodies and glass pints.  Pair them with a gift card for a delicious dinner and you’re sure to please the sports lover on your list! 

Stop by The Sports Bar Westside Ann Arbor to take a break from the last minute rush of the holiday season.  You deserve to treat yourself too!

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Michigan Football: From Elation to Heartbreak in Two Plays! The Sports Bar Ann Arbor Welcomes You To Share Your Disappointment!

The pinnacle of elation, transformed into the definition of heart break, in the span of two plays!
    Did anyone else feel this way when Michigan scored the game tying touchdown in the last minute of Saturday's game? There wasn't one person in the country that thought this Michigan team, which has done nothing but regress since week 2, would hang with the juggernaut that is THE Ohio State University. OSU, coming into the game with a 23 game winning streak and a number 3 ranking in the BCS, had every intention of rolling over said Michigan team on it's way to their first Big Ten Championship game. Out of nowhere the home team stunned everyone with a performance that simply stated, "no matter what the world thinks, we're going to show them what this team is made of".  In an instant classic, The Buckeyes escaped 42-41 when a 2 point conversion pass by Devin Gardner was intercepted in the end zone. Which if converted, would have been an upset matching 1995, 1996, even the epic 1969 24-12 game. 
    The question of the day throughout The Sports Bar after the game was, do you agree with the call to go for 2, or see what happens in overtime? The overwhelming consensus was, Wolverine Nation agreed with the decision to go for the win in regulation ( but hated the actual play call), for a myriad of reasons. 
  • 1. At 7-4 (3-4 in the B1G), what is there left to play for?
  • 2. The defense was getting shredded in the second half.  It would probably have been more of the same had the game gone to overtime. 
  • 3. Devin Gardner could barely walk by the end of the game after spraining his ankle in the third quarter.  That being said, he displayed extreme toughness and heart on Saturday. 
    In conclusion, it's been an extremely painful and frustrating season from a fan's perspective. Every year, every team has a goal to improve every week, this team did the exact opposite from game 2 through game 11. This team somehow found a way to play their best game of the season at the time they needed it most, they just came up one play short. But this game has fans wondering, when it comes to play calling and performance, where was this all season? Fans have been begging for staff changes, most notably a change at Offensive Coordinator. Head Coach Brady Hoke announced Monday that there would be no staff changes, so we will have to see if this epic performance can carry over and inspire a young team and coaching staff to avoid another 5 loss season next year. With games at Notre Dame, Michigan State, and Ohio State, that will be tough to avoid. The development of the players and the identity of this team is squarely on this coaching staff, and if there are no improvements next year, change will be on the horizon come next off season.
We hope you will share some of your thoughts below or stop by The Sports Bar Ann Arbor to Eat Sports, Drink Sports, Watch Sports and Talk Sports!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Do you lose your remote often? Learn how The Best Sports Bar Ann Arbor Controls their 22 TVs!

Have you ever sat down with your beverage and snacks, ready to watch the game, but can’t find your remote? 

Can you imagine how The Sports Bar Westside keeps track of all of the remotes for their 22 televisions? 

We’ll let you in on a little secret!  We don’t use remotes. 

We use an iPad to control what sports program is on each of our 22 screens.

A lot of other sports bars, or sports restaurants may only show one channel on their screens.  You’re lucky if you can watch multiple games, and especially fortunate if you can actually hear the games over the music. 

The Sports Bar Ann Arbor Westside has 22 screens and 4 separate sound zones.  So whether you enjoy watching football, basketball, hockey, tennis, or even equestrian competitions, our iPad control allows the staff to individualize your sports viewing experience. 

You can see a photo of our iPad control system and learn more here:

Better yet, stop by for a burger or to try our delicious, grilled salmon and ask the staff to tune in your game.  You may even catch a glimpse of our iPad.  In the meantime, have you seen your remote?   

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving and Football! Michigan Traditions Highlighted By The Best Sports Bar in Ann Arbor!

Thanksgiving and Michigan Football go together like Turkey and Stuffing!

Do you and your family participate in one of America’s oldest post-Thanksgiving Day traditions?  
We don’t mean eating leftovers, although we’re sure you do enough of that, too.
We’re talking about watching football!

According to Wikipedia [the authority on everything] the first Thanksgiving Day football game was played in 1869 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  This game between several cricket clubs, occurred roughly two weeks after what is recognized as the first game of American football –played between Rutgers and Princeton on November 17, 1869.  Princeton and Yale began the tradition of collegiate games back in 1876.  Then, in 1882, the Intercollegiate Football Association (IFC) called for the championship game to be played on Thanksgiving Day between the two leading teams. 

The University of Michigan began the tradition of playing on or around Thanksgiving in 1885.  Back then, they typically played the Chicago Maroons.  Of course you all know that the Wolverines now play their arch rivals, the Ohio State Buckeyes, around turkey day. 

Many of you have grown up watching another Michigan team as you feast on turkey and all the trimmings.  The Detroit Lions have been playing home games on Thanksgiving day since 1934.  The only team to come close to that record is the Dallas Cowboys, who have played a home game every year since 1966.  In 2008, some media big-wigs suggested removing Detroit from their Thanksgiving Day game slot.  It seemed that the Lions losing streak didn’t make for high ratings.  However, since the prime time football slot was added, it has taken some of the focus off of Detroit’s lack of performance.  The contract states that until 2022, Detroit and Dallas could take part in “flex scheduling” and play during prime time or their traditional afternoon slot.  Until then, Detroit fans can breathe a sigh of relief. 

This year’s schedule:

Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 28

[We will be closed so our staff can celebrate the holiday.]

12:30   Lions and Packers                  Fox

4:30     Cowboys and Raiders            CBS

8:30     Steelers and Ravens              NBC

Saturday, November 30 

 Join us to watch what happens!!!

12:00  Michigan Wolverines and Ohio State Buckeyes  ABC

Join us for a meal and a game soon!  

Sign up for a lunch coupon good through November. 

Check back in December for a new coupon!  

From all of us at The Sports Bar Ann Arbor Westside, we hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Celebrate and give thanks to family, friends and football! 

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Sports Bar Westside Shouts "Keep That Paul Bunyan Trophy Michigan!"

" It's a state championship, they don't like us, and we don't like them" - Jake Ryan

    That pretty much sums it up. No one is really sure how this game is going to end up score wise. The one thing you can count on, this game will be as physical as any game we have seen this entire season. Last year's game lived up to that billing, expect the same this Saturday. Michigan State comes into this game with the best defense in the country, and an offense that seems to have found an identity under quarterback Connor Cook. 
     Michigan will have their work cut out, Devin Gardner will have to play a perfect game, turnover free, in order for the Wolverines to have a chance in East Lansing. In every way possible, this is a MUST WIN game for Michigan. A loss seals any chance of winning the Legends Division and an appearance in the Big Ten Championship game. On another level, a loss means 5 out of 6 for the Spartans, and 2 out of 3 under Brady Hoke. This will not sit well with Michigan fans, who certainly don't want to hear it from Spartan Nation for the next year. 
     Lloyd Carr always had a way of motivating his teams in an underdog role. We will see what Hoke gets out of this team come Saturday. It's time for Michigan to actually show up for a road game in 2013, play a full 60 minutes, and keep that Paul Bunyan trophy. 
The season is on the line, period, and I ask this Michigan team, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? 
We hope to see you this Saturday whether you're wearing blue or green!  Stop in to cheer on your team and enjoy our specials.  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Frustrated Fans at The Sports Bar Ann Arbor Westside!

Cheers to the Freakin' Weekend!  Was not what any of us that cheer for the Michigan Wolverines and/or the Detroit Tigers were saying, after two gut wrenching losses Saturday and Sunday.
    The Michigan loss in particular was extremely frustrating, all the questions about this team have been posed, and unfortunately answered with a 4 overtime loss to a sub par Penn State team. Michigan was in a great position to seal this game late in the fourth quarter up 34-27, with a 47 yard field goal attempt looming. With 2 timeouts remaining they received a delay of game penalty that pushed it back to what would be a 52 yard attempt, so they decided to punt. Penn State responded with a 80 yard drive that took only 30 seconds to tie the game at 34. How does this happen? How does Head Coach and Quarterback not have the awareness to see where the play clock is at. It's unacceptable. 
     We are all aware of the fact that the Michigan offensive line is not very good, young, inexperienced, whatever the reason. Then your All American Tackle sustains an injury and is out for the second half. Which leads me to this, it's time to part ways with Al Borges. His play calling was atrocious. After the 15th time your running back gets stopped for negative yardage, CALL A DIFFERENT PLAY! STOP BEING SO PREDICTABLE! I am pretty sure the Penn State defense was tuned in with all 11 guys after running the same play OVER AND OVER AGAIN. This is the fourth game that I can recall that his play calling has cost us the game. At MSU, and at Iowa in 2011, the second half at OSU in 2012, and this past Saturday. There was always the excuse that with Denard Robinson he couldn't run the offense he wanted to, and that may be true. Bottom line is, he has had windows where his play calling either didn't fit the personnel on the field, or was just plain predictable and conservative. With shaky wins against Akron and Uconn, the doubts were out there in full force. Maybe we just need to come to the conclusion that this team isn't very good, the talent is there, but maybe a year away from what we are expecting this year. In two road games this team has shown no life in hostile environments. So we are supposed to think this team can win at State? At Northwestern? At Iowa? 
     This is heading toward a 7-5 season real quick if they don't figure it out, and don't get it twisted, these top tier recruits that are verbally committed to this program will decommit in a second if we keep losing to teams we are clearly better than. This is the first time in these two and a half years under this coaching staff that I am feeling doubt creep in. How does Brady Hoke not call timeout in the fourth quarter when the play clock was running down, Al Borges is not the Offensive Coordinator we thought he was, Even Greg Matteison has us wondering. Why aren't we bringing more pressure? Is it personnel? Is it trust? You are doing your secondary a disservice when you let the opposing quarterback sit in the pocket for 8 seconds. 
     John Beilein, Head Coach of our basketball team, had to make some hard decisions after his third year when it came to his staff, Brady Hoke is going to have to do the same thing. I say bring back former players to the staff, Erik Campbell to coach the receivers, Mike Hart to coach the running backs, Marcus Ray to coach the defensive backs, and Scott Leoffler as Offensive Coordinator and Quarterback Coach. These guys have been here, been through it, understand this program, won championships, and bring a younger flavor that these kids can relate to. This weekend was tough, but we will all get back on the horse starting today when the Tigers and Red Sox play game 3 at Comerica Park, and this weekend when Michigan hosts the Indiana Hoosiers.
Hopefully we will all be a little more cheerful come Sunday.  But if our teams continue to play of our hot fudge sundaes or a brownie sundae may make it all better.
We welcome you to share your thoughts below.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Michigan's Bye Week Came at a Good Time After Two Shaky Victories. The Sports Bar Remains Hopeful Ann Arbor!

After the bye week, this Michigan football team has left us with a lot of questions. 

Is this team any good? 

Are they too young to compete for a Big Ten Championship this year?  ( 61 of 85 scholarship players are either true/redshirt freshman )

Is Devin Gardner better than he has shown in the first four games? 

Is Fitzgerald Toussaint the guy to carry the load, or should Derrick Green and/or De'Veon Smith be getting more looks? 

Does the Notre Dame win mean anything now that they are 3-2? ( and probably should have lost to State )

   With the conference slate starting this week with a home game against Minnesota, Michigan is looking to bounce back from two shaky victories, dropping them 7 spots in the national rankings. After the first two games, Michigan nation was rolling with enthusiasm and all the optimism possible. After the last 2 games, they are ready to shut the program down, with a zero in the loss column mind you.

    The bye week could not have come at a better time. Taylor Lewan, Devin Gardner, and other Wolverines I'm sure needed a week off to heal, and the coaching staff needed a week off to figure out better execution on the offensive line. Does Jack Miller need to be replaced at center? Is the core of our offensive line going to improve as the season progresses? The Connecticut staff came up with brilliant game plan in my opinion, blitz the middle of that line relentlessly and make those young kids adjust and pick up the stunts. It worked for three quarters. You can question Gardner's decision making ( and he made some bad ones ), but it's hard to play that position when your line doesn't block for you. In the end, our depth, and their lack of depth led to a comeback victory.
    The bottom line is this, the season starts now, somehow Michigan got through the first four games unscathed. Michigan Nation believes in this coaching staff, and in this team. The reality is, it's impossible to know how this season is going to turn out. Is there enough talent to win our division and get to the Big Ten Championship game? I say yes. Is there enough experience in big game situations to get us through a grueling conference schedule? That remains to be seen. I think we'll handle the Gophers, but they're better than they have been in the last 2 years under Jerry Kill. Going to Penn State is going to be tricky, Coach O'Brien has that team believing. Indiana has a big play spread offense, will they pick us apart if we can't pressure their quarterback? And then there is November, starting at Michigan State, in my opinion, the best defense in the country, and their season is made if they beat us. Home against Nebraska, the Black Shirts have struggled, but still a talented group overall. At Northwestern is going to be a nightmare, big talent, great coaching staff, and revenge on the brain after Michigan stole one from them last year. Iowa seemed like a gimme, but Kinnick stadium is a tough place to play regardless, and Iowa looks better than we originally thought. If Michigan sleep walks or looks ahead, they will lose. And after all that, and that's a lot if you ask me, there is the finale against the Buckeyes. This team is loaded. Braxton Miller, Devin Smith, Corey Brown, Evan Spencer, Chris Fields, Jordan Hall, Dontre Wilson, Ryan Shazier, Bradley Roby, CJ Barnett, just to name a few. When they go fast tempo it's literally scary. The only way to beat an Urban Meyer coached team is to step up and punch them in the mouth. I think Michigan did that in Columbus last year, but with some terrible play calling in the second half, they came up a little short. It is a mix of some favorable home games mixed in with some tough road games. This teams character will be tested, It will be interesting to see how they respond to adversity, and there will be a lot of that, believe it!
It's all in front of us, and like the rest of Michigan Nation, I can't wait!  I hope you will join me at The Sports Bar - Westside to TALK SPORTS!  While you're here enjoy a burger, steak, salad, or one of our specials.  The atmosphere is fun and the food is filling!

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Sports Bar Ann Arbor- Westside's Got 22 TVs to Help Keep the Peace in a Divided House!

Is it possible to keep harmony in a relationship divided by sports loyalties?

There are flags, license plates, door wreaths, t-shirts, and even baby onesies available displaying two sports teams.  Some couples go as far as having both beloved teams decorated on their wedding cake!   

Even the White House is divided.  President Barack Obama is a diehard White Sox fan, while First Lady Michelle grew up watching the Cubs with her dad.  She admits to still following the team. 

We recently enjoyed reading a blog post by SportsCenter anchor Chris McKendry about her divided house.  She describes the way they decided whether their child would root for her beloved Eagles or her husband’s chosen team, The Jet’s.

Below are a few tips we’ve come across that may help keep the peace in your relationship:

Remain Respectful
A little teasing is okay but try to refrain from intense trash talking or gloating.  Making fun of a team’s big mistake is different than calling your partner stupid for loving that team.  If your teams are big rivals it may even be best to watch the games separately to prevent heated confrontations.

There will be times that your team’s games will conflict.  Both partners need to compromise and plan which game to watch.  Some couples will watch games by the quarter and flip back and forth.  You’ll also need to compromise on your household d├ęcor.  Perhaps, your flag could be flown on the house and your partner’s on the garage. 

Remember That It’s Just a Game
The season will have ups and downs like most relationships.  Years from now, the time you spend with your loved one will matter more than winning the game. To ease the tension you may want to have an alternative wager where the winner has to give something to the loser.  For example, the winner may have to wash the loser's car or do the dishes for a month.  It may ease the pain of a loss.  Plus, it’s hard to gloat when you have dish pan hands! 

We’re curious to hear what you do when you and 
a loved one like different teams? 

At The Sports Bar Ann Arbor- Westside we have 22 TVs so we’re a great place to come to watch several games at once.  Stop by and enjoy one of our delicious entrees or a mouthwatering burger.   
We also have a great selection of beer and drinks! 

Did we mention the 22 TV screens showing sports all the time?   

See you soon!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Marcus Ray and Blaine Breakdown Michigan's Defense at The Sports Bar Westside

Is anyone else wondering what is going on with the Michigan defense? 

     I'm not talking about talent, points allowed, or how they saved us against Akron last Saturday. I'm thinking schematically. A good friend of mine stopped by the spot last night, Marcus Ray, a member of the '97 national championship team and we spent some time breaking it down.
    There hasn't been a lot of pressure brought in the first three games. For the first time in Brady Hoke's tenure as the Michigan Head Coach there is depth on the defensive line, running two or three deep at some positions. Is the thinking get pressure with the front four and run guys in and out?  If it is, it doesn't seem to be working. I personally would like to see a more aggressive approach, pick and choose your spots, but more often. I noticed as I'm sure you did, when we brought pressure against Akron it led to an incompletion or a short gain, especially on third down. when we brought just the front four it seemed for the most part that Pohl could sit in the pocket and pick the defense apart. I know the thinking is you don't want to give up the big play, but methodical movement down the field due to having time to sit and distribute can be just as effective as hitting a big play. Another thing we have to consider is, how hard it is to put blitz packages in when teams spread you out, A lot of teams are doing it now, and it has to be a nightmare to game plan for.
    In conclusion, when it comes to the Michigan defense, I would rather go down swinging, not sitting back and letting opposing teams quarterbacks sit in the pocket for 4-7 seconds. We are going to face much better teams and much better quarterbacks, I'm not saying bring the house every play, but we have the coaching expertise to install blitz schemes at the right time. And also, this isn't a article bashing our defensive coordinator, he's been great and brought this program back defensively where it is supposed to be.
Come out and watch Michigan battle Connecticut at The Sports Bar Westside Saturday at 8 o'clock. We hope to serve you soon! 

And a BIG THANK YOU to Marcus for stopping by.  We always enjoy talking sports with you! 

Eat Sports. Drink Sports. Talk Sports. Watch Sports.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Sports Bar Review: That Was a Close One Michigan!

Word of the day at Michigan Stadium Saturday afternoon? Relief, as Michigan escaped with a 28-24 win over the Akron Zips. 

     Devin Gardner totaled 351 yards, (103 yards rushing), and 3 touchdowns in the win. That's the good news, the bad news? 4 total turnovers including 2 in the red zone (Michigan red zone conversion streak ended at 46, longest in the country),  and an interception returned for a touchdown when it seemed Michigan was taking the game back into their own hands. Akron controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, out played, out hit. and out hustled The Wolverines all game. Two opportunities inside the Michigan 5 yard line fell short in the final seconds as Michigan somehow found a way to win the game. Akron walks away from this game thinking they should have won, and unfortunately for them, they're right. Michigan nation, before you spend the week chastising this team remember this: A win is a win, there is still a zero in the loss column, and this coaching staff will do everything in their power to make sure this doesn't happen again. Michigan plays at Connecticut Saturday at 8pm. 

    A lot of people were thinking Alabama at Texas A&M was the premiere game of this entire 2013 season just 3 weeks in. It may be a little early to give any game that title, regardless, both teams lived up to the billing as The Crimson Tide beat the Aggies in College Station 49-42. Led by Quarterback AJ McCarron ( 20/29 - 334 yards - 4 touchdowns ), and tailback TJ Yeldon ( 25 carries - 149 yards - 1 touchdown ), The Tide rolled to 35 unanswered points after being down 14-0 early in the first quarter. Heisman trophy winner Johnny Manziel totaled 562 yards and 5 touchdowns, but his 2 interceptions ( 1 in the red zone - and 1 returned for a touchdown ) turned out to be the difference in the game. Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Evans led Aggie receivers with 7 receptions for 279 yards, including a 95 yard touchdown catch. The score of this game is slightly misleading considering that Alabama was up 21 points two different times during the game. A costly fumble by Yeldon at the Tide 1 yard line swung the momentum, but wasn't enough as Alabama hung on for the 7 point win. Alabama hosts Colorado State this weekend, while Texas A&M hosts SMU at Kyle Field.

    Michigan State rolled over Youngstown State 55-17. It looks like the Spartans have found some offense under Quarterback Connor Cook ( 15-22 - 202 yards - 4 touchdowns ). Defense was great as usual ( 8 total first downs - 172 total yards - 2 turnovers ). We'll see if the offense can keep it up this weekend in South Bend.

    The Big Ten and The PAC 12 held a 4 game set this weekend with the Pac 12 taking 3 of the 4 games. The lone Big Ten victory, a 52-34 win at Cal with Braxton Miller on the shelf with a sprained knee. Quarterback Kenny Guiton stepped in and won Big Ten offensive player of the week honors ( 368 total yards - 4 touchdown passes ), Jordan Hall rushed for 168 yards and 3 scores, while Devin Smith caught 3 balls for 149 yards and 2 touchdowns. Jared Goff led the way for the Golden Bears ( 31/52 - 371 yards - 3 touchdowns - 1 interception ), receiver Chris Harper caught 6 of those balls for 115 yards and 1 touchdown. The OSU offense was just too much for Cal, totaling 608 yards.

    It looked like Nebraska was going to cruise to an easy win with a 21-3 lead mid way through the second quarter. Think again, Husker fans left shell shocked as UCLA ripped off 38 unanswered points ( 28 points in the 3rd quarter ) en route to a 41-21 win in Lincoln. Brett Hundley totaled 355 yards and 3 touchdowns, and the Bruin defense locked in, shutting out Nebraska for the final 37 minutes of game time. The Nebraska defense was a huge issue again, giving up 504 total yards. Going 3/14 on third down conversions did not help either. Nebraska looks to get back on track against South Dakota State this weekend.

    Washington out lasted Illinois 34-24 in a neutral site game played at Soldier Field. Keith Price ( 28-35 - 342 yards - 2 touchdowns ) and Bishop Sankey ( 35 carries - 208 yards - 1 touchdown ) led the way for the Huskies.

    It looked like the Big Ten was going to walk away from this set with a split when Wisconsin, down 32-30, put together a drive that put them inside their own 20 yard line with 18 seconds left. The following chain of events were controversial to say the least. Quarterback Joel Stave went to center the ball and took a knee, dropped the ball on the ground and attempted to get the offense on the ball to spike it, having no timeouts left. A Sun Devil defensive player covered the ball thinking ( or acting like ) it was a fumble, and did so for about 6-8 seconds with the officials just standing there. By the time the officials set the ball, the clock ran out, preventing the Badgers from spiking it and getting their field goal team in the game. The officials were reprimanded by the Pac 12 on Monday, unfortunately for Wisconsin, that won't replace the sting of a game they easily could, and probably should have won.

Don't forget to check out The Sports Bar Westside each and every weekend for great college and pro football viewing. Hang out with us while the Tigers get closer to that division title and a repeat trip to the World Series. 

Our Sunday happy hour goes from open to close with $3.50/$4.50 23 oz. beers and $3.25/$4.25 wine specials. 

We provide the NFL ticket so whatever game you would like to watch, we can provide. We hope to serve you soon!!


Friday, September 13, 2013

College Football at The Sports Bar Ann Arbor Westside

     Michigan, coming off a huge win against Notre Dame under the lights at Michigan Stadium, will play host to the Akron Zips Saturday at Noon. Michigan will be looking to build off huge performances from Quarterback Devin Gardner ( 372 total yards - 5 total touchdowns ) and receiver Jeremy Gallon ( 8 receptions - 184 yds - 3 touchdowns ). The Michigan offensive line more than held their own against a tough Notre Dame front four with two potential first round picks in Louis Nix III and Stephon Tuitt. No time for a let up with a tough trip to the University of Connecticut next week.

    The biggest non conference game on the Big Ten slate has number twenty three Nebraska hosting number sixteen UCLA. Defense was a huge issue for the black shirts giving up over 600 yards to Wyoming in week one, but found a way to win 37-34. The Huskers bounced back nicely with a 56-13 win over Southern Mississippi this past weekend, and are looking for redemption after a close loss in the Rose Bowl last year to the Bruins.

    Michigan State, with the best defense in the country, coupled with the worst offense in the country, will host Youngstown State this Saturday. This will be the Spartans last chance to fine tune before a huge trip to South Bend next Saturday. Michigan State's defense has outscored their offense four touchdowns to three in victories over Western Michigan and South Florida.

    Saturdays showcase game will be in College Station as Texas A&M will host the Alabama Crimson Tide. Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel will try to make it two in a row after a stunning upset in Tuscaloosa last November. Nick Saban is 7-1 in rematch games while at Alabama. Quarterback AJ McCarron and TJ Yeldon lead the way for the Alabama offense with CJ Mosely and Hassan Cinton-Dix anchor the defense. Make no mistake about it, Alabama has every intention of redeeming themselves after last years loss at home.

    These will be our showcase games at The Sports Bar Westside this Saturday, with Notre Dame playing at Purdue at 8 o'clock as well. Always remember that our 22 HD televisions are all individual and if your game is on, we would be happy to put it on for you. So, come check us out, AND GO BLUE!!!!