Thursday, December 5, 2013

Michigan Football: From Elation to Heartbreak in Two Plays! The Sports Bar Ann Arbor Welcomes You To Share Your Disappointment!

The pinnacle of elation, transformed into the definition of heart break, in the span of two plays!
    Did anyone else feel this way when Michigan scored the game tying touchdown in the last minute of Saturday's game? There wasn't one person in the country that thought this Michigan team, which has done nothing but regress since week 2, would hang with the juggernaut that is THE Ohio State University. OSU, coming into the game with a 23 game winning streak and a number 3 ranking in the BCS, had every intention of rolling over said Michigan team on it's way to their first Big Ten Championship game. Out of nowhere the home team stunned everyone with a performance that simply stated, "no matter what the world thinks, we're going to show them what this team is made of".  In an instant classic, The Buckeyes escaped 42-41 when a 2 point conversion pass by Devin Gardner was intercepted in the end zone. Which if converted, would have been an upset matching 1995, 1996, even the epic 1969 24-12 game. 
    The question of the day throughout The Sports Bar after the game was, do you agree with the call to go for 2, or see what happens in overtime? The overwhelming consensus was, Wolverine Nation agreed with the decision to go for the win in regulation ( but hated the actual play call), for a myriad of reasons. 
  • 1. At 7-4 (3-4 in the B1G), what is there left to play for?
  • 2. The defense was getting shredded in the second half.  It would probably have been more of the same had the game gone to overtime. 
  • 3. Devin Gardner could barely walk by the end of the game after spraining his ankle in the third quarter.  That being said, he displayed extreme toughness and heart on Saturday. 
    In conclusion, it's been an extremely painful and frustrating season from a fan's perspective. Every year, every team has a goal to improve every week, this team did the exact opposite from game 2 through game 11. This team somehow found a way to play their best game of the season at the time they needed it most, they just came up one play short. But this game has fans wondering, when it comes to play calling and performance, where was this all season? Fans have been begging for staff changes, most notably a change at Offensive Coordinator. Head Coach Brady Hoke announced Monday that there would be no staff changes, so we will have to see if this epic performance can carry over and inspire a young team and coaching staff to avoid another 5 loss season next year. With games at Notre Dame, Michigan State, and Ohio State, that will be tough to avoid. The development of the players and the identity of this team is squarely on this coaching staff, and if there are no improvements next year, change will be on the horizon come next off season.
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